iheartfoodae meal plans

 make your life easier from just AED75 per day

enjoy nutritious meals delivered to your front door




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just give us 48 hrs. heads up!

worried about long-term commitment?

that's not how we roll.

keep it casual by starting with a five day subscription :) 

 portion control philosophy

meal plans 


we don't do diet's,

we do lifestyle change

this is a pre-set meal plan

to get you fired up

when you're more comfortable, you can plan you own meals

correct nutrition is very important to achieve your ideal body goal


it is pointless if you train but

do not follow a meal plan

to sustain your body.


no matter how intense or easy your workout is you have to ensure your body does not burn more muscle during your workout ,you need to balance it out as many people have made this mistake


this pre planned option

is designed for a regular athlete


freedom of choice

is the main focus here


 select from 9-36 options daily based on you meal plan 


what are you waiting for,

healthy living is only a click away

a first of a kind for flight crew

select your meal plan, tell us when you're in town, and we'll deliver accordingly 

no monthly commitments - let's get started

ts & cs apply 

this option is for flight crew only 


have a question ?

hearty meal plans 

for the whole family

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