Okay, so what's my theory

i may not have a phd, but what i do have is experience. i preach through iheartfoodae and i'd like to accompany you on your healthy path to a better lifestyle

just saying  


prep so you don't fall. a bag of potato chips can look pretty tempting in comparison to cooking dinner from scratch. meal plans take the hassle out of healthy living



dont' give anything up. one cheat day will keep you from cheating every day. nutrient-rich food will keep your hunger at bay and your blood sugar levels in check. swap calorie counting for portion-controlled real food

keep a cheat day

healthy, nutrient-rich food will keep your hunger at bay, help maintain stable blood sugar levels, minimize cravings and help your brain signal your belly when you are full.

ditch calorie counting

you should nourish your body at the right time of the day with the right kind of food, so i say eat your heavier meals earlier in the day and gradually reduce your intake towards the evening.

plan ahead

food should be flavorful, bright and tickle the taste buds. life is too short so eat exciting food, laugh loads and do what I always tell my friends.

don’t eat boring food

we know 'life happens' and that time fly by so fast, so while you are out saving the world, leave the meal prep and planning to us

let iheartfoodae prep your meals

food is a pleasure so I want you to think of eating as something to enjoy, feeling guilty about your food choices can undermine weight loss and pack on the extra pounds. this is a fact by the way

eat clean and drop the food guilt


how, when and what you eat can be the difference between gaining and dropping few kg's. eat clean, hit the gym and ditch the food guilt. a lifesaver for when hungriness strikes is having wholesome snacks on hand

know where your snacks are


now, let’s start enjoying food again.

Set your sights beyond the stars and keep your values grounded

Dewald Le Roux

Founder – General Manager


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